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mobile412,45 kn/call

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mobile41the call is charged as towards a fixed network

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CO2cut, CO2 neutral, carbon neutral, CO2 certicicate

On August 1, 2015, EKO TAXI became the first European CO2, ie. carbon neutral taxi operator, which once again proved the love for nature, ecology and environmental protection. 

With the help of the company CO2cut, we calculated the amount of greenhouse gas emissions of our fleet and the 315 tonnes of CO2 emissions compensated through renewable sources, certified according to the Voluntary Carbon global standards and the UN Clean Development Mechanism, in Korea and India. Thus, we became the proud owners of CO2cut certificate.

How can you be involved? For one additional kuna (<14 euro cents) you get green ride. All CO2 emmissions from the Eko taxi vehicles will be fully offset by investing in certified projects around the globe. Don't forget to ask your driver for a green ride.

Let's together, be example, show that we care and we can do something!

For one more kuna earth breathes easier!


Transportation of children in a car seats

Transportation of children in a car seat, safety of children while riding in a taxi

The safety of our customers while driving with EKOTAXI is our priority! This also applies to our youngest passengers, therefore EKOTAXI, from its beginning, provides an opportunity for children to ride in the car seat, if you call in advance. If you need more than one car seat, you will have to order more than one taxi because each taxi has it's own car seat. Thank you for understanding!


Price list

the start price of a taxi ride


8,80 kn

the price of riding per kilometer


6,00 kn

per 1 km

the waiting price per hour


43,00 kn

per hour



NOTE* Driving outside the city of Zagreb, as well as transport of goods (TV, refrigerator, etc.) shall be paid according to a pre-agreed price. The taximeter turns on upon the arrival to the client's address.

Please count your change, late claims will not be considered!


VAT is included in price.


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Transport, City and intercity transport of passangers and goods

City and intercity transport of passangers and goods

We offer fast, safe and comfortable transportation of passengers or luggage without extra charge, in the Zagreb city area and countrywide.

Transportation service for pets, Ride for you and your pet

Ride for you and your pet

EKOTAXI always listens to your wishes and suggestions, and because of that have decided to permanently offer a shuttle service for pets! From now on, your four-legged friends can travel freely with you. All that is required is that you order a specially equipped car one hour before going to the desired destination and both of you can enjoy the ride!


Non-stop taxi transportation to clients with constant transport needs

Non-stop taxi transportation to clients with constant transport needs

It is possible to arrange a non-stop taxi service for customers who need a permanent transfer service.


Advertising on vehicles, Advertisment on EKOTAXI vehicles


If you are interested in advertising on EKOTAXI vehicles, please send an e-mail.


About us

A bit more about our team and goals

  • Our team
  • Awards
  • Vehicle fleet

Vehicles, EKOTAXI vehicles, EKOTAXI teamThe guiding idea that we have followed since the foundation of EKOTAXI, was to create a business that will give top service of taxi transport. Unlike other taxi transport companies, EKOTAXI tried to distinguish itself with its ecological approach, which is why it uses hybrid cars in its vehicle fleet. That is why we have prefix EKO (ECO in eng.) in our name, to stand out among our competition. EKOTAXI started working on October 2011, first on the Zagreb area, after which, on January 2012, we expanded to city Zaprešić.


General company information

Awards, Green Superbrands Croatia, AccoladesEKOTAXI has been recognized as a company that expresses high environmental consciousness, and at the end of 2012 was awarded with "Green Superbrands 2012" label.

Green Superbrands is prestigious award to brands which show high environmental awareness and care. Only 78 out of 852 brands was found appropriate for this green accolade, awarded by 7369 consumers who participated in this Croatian election.

Croatian customers have recognized EKOTAXI as one of the leading brands in the field of environmental responsibility, and with our motto "For green and clean Zagreb" and our vehicles that emit 50 percent less CO2 than other vehicles on fossil fuels, it makes us proud to have received that recognition.

Vehicles, Vehicle fleet, Taxi, EKOTAXI fleetAmong other vehicles our fleet consists of hybrid Toyota Prius, whose CO2 emissions are up to 50 percent lower than other car models, and is only 89 g/km. Toyota Prius cars got the highest rating for passengers safety by the latest Euro NCAP testing, with overall result of 83 percent. They are equipped with enhanced systems for active and passive safety, and each Prius model is equipped with chassis construction with the ability to absorb energy that is released upon impact, as well as seven air bags and active head rests.

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